Square Peg Society was founded to support Autism Spectrum Adults. In British Columbia, Autism Intervention Funding terminates at age 19, and many individuals do not qualify for Person With Disability (PWD) funding as adults, despite the fact that autism is a lifelong condition. Eighty percent of ASD individuals will, at some point in their lifetimes, experience mental health issues, such as anxiety & depression. Mental health diagnoses and therapies are difficult and often, expensive, to access. Though Square Peg Society and other organizations are working hard to improve access to post-secondary education and employment for ASD individuals, these people continue to be under- and unemployed.

We are a bare-bones, largely volunteer-driven, non-profit, charitable organization. Your donations directly support programs for ASD adults and their families. We appreciate every donation received!

Legacy Funding

Approximately 1 in 66 children and youth are diagnosed with Autism in Canada; many adults today self-identify with autism, rather than undergoing a formal diagnosis, for which there are few supports. This represents a lot of people with many years ahead of them whose lives can be made richer and more purposeful, with appropriate supports and services. If you are able, please consider leaving a legacy for these individuals by supporting our work at Square Peg Society. To discuss this, please contact our treasurer at [email protected]

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