The Cost

Our Life Map Life Coaching pricing

Our Life Map Intake consists of an info chat, and 2 one-hour sessions online. The intake cost is $375 CAN.  Our intake is thorough, as we want to ensure that we understand the individual we are working with and that it is their goals that are being pursued. From these sessions, goals are identified, and it is these that are worked on during the subsequent coaching sessions. 

Our Life Map Coaching Sessions are booked as 1 – 4 sessions, 5 – 7 sessions, or 8 – 10 sessions. The number of sessions booked will be decided between you and your Guide, depending upon the number of, and the difficulty of, the goals that you wish to work on. Our coaching is intended to be finite, and your progress toward achieving your goals will be evaluated before booking additional sessions.

8 – 10 sessions @ $110/one-hour session; $880-$1100

5 – 7 sessions @ $120/one-hour session; $600-$840

1 – 4 sessions @ $130/one-hour session; $130-$520

Note that the Life Map Guide will be spending time outside the session consulting with other Life Map coaches about their Voyager, and also seeking resources, and ideas for their Voyager to pursue.

Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations